Únor 2007

GC - Face The Strange

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Face*The*Strange (MP3 - 4.16 Mb)
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Interview Z100 (21.2.07)

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Benja & Joel v rádiu Z100 (interview) MP3 ZDE

Radio Z100 - 21.2.07 (3.část)

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To chci takýý !! ;P

Radio Z100 - 21.1.07 (2.část)

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Ty lidi mají štígro !!! x(

Radio Z100 - 21.2.07 (1.část)

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Většinou je všude vidět jenom Benja..x)

Twinzz - 92proFM (20.2.07)

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New Kerrang

24. února 2007 v 14:06 | ELLík |  Časopisy Good Charlotte
"Doing it for the Kids"
Good Charlotte's Billy Martin is putting the finishing touches to his first children's book.
The guitarist, who is known for being a talented illustrator in his own right, has revealed to Kerrang! that he is working on the book 'Damien McMurray: A Boy And His Bat', and that he hopes to have it released in October, in time for Hallowe'en.
"I wrote it and illustrated it," explains Martin. "it's about a boy and his pet bat. The bat gets let out of his cage and Damien goes on a little journey trying to find his pet. It's something that I've been wanting to do for a really long time and I hope it's just one of lots of books that I get to put out."
"The company putting it out does toys for 'Star Wars' , 'Lord of the Rings' and Disney," he adds. "They're huge and they really know what they're doing. They're going to print the book and make the toys..."
Check out some of Martin's wonderful artwork at his website www.bloodzilla.com. Good Charlotte release their album 'Good Morning Revival' on March 26th via Epic Records (strony.aster.pl)

Twinz v Kiss 106.1 (16.2.07)

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