Březen 2007


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Dnes je tomu už rok, co tento blog existuje...Happy Birthday best-bands ;)
U ještě připomínám, že už DNESKA oficiálně vychází Revival !!! x)

...s fanynkama...

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Klucí s fanz ;)

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..zase & zase s fans..

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...tentokrát Dean & Joel ;)

Goodish Charlotte (článek + scan)

26. března 2007 v 16:27 | ELLík |  Časopisy Good Charlotte
Goodish Charlotte: The Mid-Atlantic mall punks add too much polish to their suburban serenades. By Tom Sinclair.
Somehow, the "pop-punk" tag has attached itself to Maryland quintet Good Charlotte, sticking like leather pants to a syrup-encrusted chair. But let's be real: They've been shedding their putative mosh-pit roots (which were never that deep, despite their tattoos and spikey-Do's image) with each pristinely produced, hypercommercial release.


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Tak už i na MTV si můžete poslechnout celý Good Morning Revival ;) www.mtv.com

DEan & JOel

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Out-door mini concert

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Join us on our Outdoor Stage for a Mini-Concert featuring GOOD CHARLOTTE!!!

From the opening sounds of GOOD CHARLOTTE's fourth album GOOD MORNING REVIVAL--which launches with an artful, innovative soundcollage that slides into the irresistible "Misery"--it's evident that the world-famous band who've sold over nine million albums has revolutionized its sound for 2007. And by the time the optimistic parting shot "March On" rolls around, it's evident that this is the vibrant, adventurous and unexpected rock album that has redefined the group.

Returning to work with producer Don Gilmore (Pearl Jam, Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne)--who helmed Good Charlotte's eponymous 2000 breakthrough debut--was the decisive change that reinvigorated the band. After a pair of successful albums like 2002's tremendously popular triple platinum The Young and the Hopeless and 2004's subsequent million-selling follow-up The Chronicles of Life and Death (which were realized with producer Eric Valentine), GC singer Joel Madden says its modus operandi on GOOD MORNING REVIVAL (Epic/Daylight) was simply to "make a record that we loved and that felt good." .