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She's gone from Lizzie Maguire charmer to all-out media mogul - complete with her own Barbie doll - and she's not even 20 yet! Hilary Duff, 19, stopped by's Manhattan offices to chat about Joel and Nicole, tabloid trash-talk, maintaining her Dignity and why she's loving the single life. You've been a busy girl. Besides the album, you've got two movies coming out this year.
Hilary: I just finished working on Foodfight!, an animated movie that I did a voice for, which stars Charlie Sheen and Eva Longoria. It's about what happens at the grocery store when it closes at night. It comes to life and all the characters on the boxes comes to life. And so that was a lot of fun. And I just finished working on a movie that..

..shot in Bulgaria called Brand Hauser, starring John Cusack, Marisa Tomei and Sir Ben Kingsley. It's a very artsy, controversial film that was really fun for me because it made me really challenge myself and play a role that I haven't played before. It's very edgy and far away from who I am in my every day life." Your sound on Dignity is very different from what we've heard before, too. It's decidedly more adult.
Hilary: It is still pop, but it is very different for me. It's got some Indian vibes, Balinese beats, a little bit of hip-hop and dance-pop, so it sounds kind of '80s. It's very all over the place. And that's my taste in music. So it was really fun for me to put all those elements together and really be a part of creating it this time around. This record is just really honest. All the things that I wrote about are things that I deal with, things I want to talk about. It fits where I am in my life. The song "Gypsy Woman" features some pretty scathing lyrics addressing a certain man-stealer. Let's set the record straight.
Hilary: My sister Haylie and I wrote "Gypsy Woman" about a woman who had a relationship with my father and broke up a big part of my family. So it's very strange that someone would say that those lyrics are written about Nicole when they so obviously are not. There is no song on the record about Joel and Nicole. I don't know Nicole Richie. I've never met her before. But she seems like a nice person. There's no bad blood there. I hope that they are happy together. For a long time, you didn't discuss your relationship with Joel with the media. What made you decide to finally open up?
Hilary: It's not my job to talk about my relationship. I didn't want that and neither did [Joel], so we tried to keep it quiet. Because it is so personal. But I think the more you try to keep something quiet, the more people want to know about it. After a while, we said, 'Okay, whatever, yeah, we're together. What about it?' And obviously it's fun. You want to be able to go places with your boyfriend and not keep things secret. But it's just hard when people are so invasive. Have you been dating since the split?
Hilary: I have been on a couple of dates. And it's just strange for me. It's hard. I've never really dated before. But it's just nice to be independent. You feel kind of empowered and free to do whatever you want and make decisions based on what you want to do and not what's good for you and another person. So I'm not striving for it, but if it happens, it happens. If I meet someone that's cool, but I just don't want to want to rush into things again. You also got a lot of flack about your weight last year. How did you deal with that?
Hilary: You're either too fat or too skinny, you can never be perfect. I don't think that I ever had a problem with weight. But I definitely felt the pressure. And if you don't like the way you look or feel insecure, when people say things about you - in magazines or just in every day life - they can be hurtful and embarrassing. Then you're thinking, 'Oh my God, I am fat.' Or 'I'm too thin.' But you'll never make them happy. They'll never be completely satisfied with you. It'll always be, 'Look at her skin. Look at her cellulite.' It's so judgmental and mean. How could someone not go a little crazy? There's a song on my record about that. It's called "No Work, All Play." It goes back to not trying to fit into other people's ideals or be perfect - which a part of me still does. I want to look pretty and I want them to like my outfit. But another part of me is thinking, 'Well, why do I care?' I don't care if they don't like what I wear because I like it. But you can't help but care. We're human and we want to fit in. But it's about making yourself happy.

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