29. března 2007 v 22:41 | ELLík |  Joel Madden
GOOD CHARLOTTE rocker JOEL MADDEN insists he'll always respect ex-girlfriend HILARY DUFF and will never speak ill of her. The rocker and Duff had an awkward encounter backstage at MTV show TOTAL REQUEST LIVE on Monday (26MAR07) when Good Charlotte were..

..performing and the pop star/actress was co-hosting, but the former couple refused to get nasty. Madden, who is now dating socialite NICOLE RICHIE, says, "Every girl I've ever dated I have respect for, and I always try to leave them on good terms. "I don't see the necessity to be friends with anyone you've dated but definitely, out of respect of the time, you have to be kind of respectful - and that's what I try to do." And it looks like Duff will keep the peace too. She says, "We are still friends... It was just time to go our own ways." Meanwhile, confirming his romance with Richie, Madden tells People magazine, "I am really happy and everything's really good for me right now."

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