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The Edge Radio 29/03/07

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Magazine The Sun

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Punk pop quartet Good Charlotte say they are just 'regular guys'

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On stage, identical twins Joel and Benji Madden - the driving force behind punk pop behemoths Good Charlotte - may revel in playing the part of rock miscreants.

In private, however, the twins are nothing like their stage personas: They're quiet, reflective and utterly serious about making music.

What's more, the brothers Madden would like to make one thing perfectly clear: What's printed about them in the tabloids is - in their own words - "absolute rubbish".

"Despite the mixed press we keep getting, I think we're just getting comfortable in our own skin," said lead singer Joel, who sat down with his guitarist brother recently for an exclusive chat with Today at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Jakarta. -Pokračování zde -

Interview s Joelem - CosmoGirl..

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Read our exclusive interview with the Good Charlotte singer and find out how he and his band have been keeping it real for so long!
Good Charlotte has been around for 11 years--and in the entertainment industry, that's like an eternity. Lucky for us, it doesn't look like they're going anywhere anytime soon! This spring, the guys from Waldorf, Maryland, are rocking once again with their fourth album, "Good Morning Revival." Here, front man Joel Madden chats about the band's early days and what has kept them in the music game for more than a decade. -Pokračování zde -