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Miami Show

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So how does a vaguely punk-oriented band, bred in the usual circuit of grungy clubs, adapt to platinum-sales and an arena tour? On Sunday night at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, warning signs taped to the entrance doors offered a clue: "Tonight's performance includes the use of pyrotechnics and strobe lights." Headliners My Chemical Romance, from New Jersey, might be deadly earnest, but modest in stage business they are not.

Klucí a fans :)

26. dubna 2007 v 12:29 | ELLík |  █ My Chemical Romance
Gee, Frankie, Ray & Bob...

GC & fans II.

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GC & fans..

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Deano má naušnici, bo je to nějaký rozmázlýý ?? :)

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Malaysia 21/4/2007

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Live At Kuala Lumpur

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Benja fotí fans :D

"Smrtelná hrozba!"

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Včera (24.4.07) byla Hilary v MuchMusic, kde poskytla interview - v kanadském Torontu. Venku mezi ostatními, jí jeden "fanoušek" doslova slíbil smrt! Policie však zasáhla..

THX oh-hilary.com

The Sex Pistols by BJ - Rolling Stone

25. dubna 2007 v 16:50 | ELLík |  Billie Joe Armstrong

By Billie Joe Armstrong

The Sex Pistols released just one album -- Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols -- but it punched a huge hole in everything that was bullshit about rock music, and everything that was going wrong with the world, too. No one else has had that kind of impact with one album. You can hear their influence everywhere from Joy Division to Guns n' Roses to Public Enemy to the Smiths to Slayer. Never Mind the Bollocks is the root of everything that goes on at modern-rock radio. It's just an amazing thing that no one's been able to live up to.

Billie Joe → Habitat For Humanity

25. dubna 2007 v 16:40 | ELLík |  Billie Joe Armstrong
The Armstrong clan is hard at work in New Orleans, doing what they can to help remedy the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, and building homes for those who are without adequate shelter.

The star and his family have been keeping fans updated on their progress on www.Greenday.net. Armstrong writes, "Today we worked at the upper 9th ward. I hung soffit over the front porch. I had to do some upside down hammering technique but we managed to get the job done. We felt a great sense of accomplishment when we finished. Before I nailed the last piece of soffit , I reached inside and wrote my name with a pencil and dated it.. Ben is a great construction leader. Jason was a great partner.. It was amazing to see everyone getting their hands dirty in good conscience, working together for the greater good."


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Habitat for Humanity

Nicole & DCMA x(

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Pro zvětšení fotky klikni ZDE - je to od ní už fakt nehorázně drzýý !! x(
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