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29. dubna 2007 v 20:34 | ELLík |  █ My Chemical Romance
I slept in today, and then I rushed around to get ready for a CMW conference that the record label I work for was a part of. I was tempted afterwards by drinks and food so, stayed at the hotel later than I probably should have. By the time my friend showed up to drive me to the Taste of Chaos show in Mississauga, I was half in the bag.

We got stuck in traffic for far too long. I kept calling Matt (who was patiently waiting with the other press at the venue) and saying, "Dude. We're so close. Seriously. We'll be there soon." Over an hour later, we pulled up at the venue. Since the label was also setting up a merch booth I dove out of the car, asked a parking attendant where the loading dock was and directed my friend towards it as I ran straight at the press area. I charged in the room, sweating, out of breath, still half drunk. So, I sit down and watch Gerard and Frank from My Chemical Romance take hauls of their American cigarettes just outside the window. I am salivating at the sight, having craved a cigarette for the entire excruciatingly long drive here. They eventually begin making their way inside. I'm sweating and nervous. This is my first interview and I have been listening to their new record, "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" repeatedly for the last two weeks. (Partially because I am too lazy to change the CD in the morning, in my often hung-over stupor, and partially because I dig the songs.)
So, the boys walk in and they look like normal dudes. Little to no makeup, jeans, t-shirts, hoodies. I calm a little as we shake hands and introduce ourselves. I try to explain the thesis of truth.explosion as they nod in agreement.
Truth.Explosion: Hey guys. Thanks for sitting down with us. Now that you understand what truth.explosion is about, what experience do you want to share?
My Chemical Romance: Well, we did a CMJ show in New York for our old label, Eyeball Records. And it just so happens that Keith Morris, who used to sing in Black Flag and Circle Jerks, was there. So, he came to the show and he came up to... I think it was you...
TE: He just walked up to you, randomly?
MCR: Well, we had heard that he was there. So onstage I think I kinda called him out. I was like, "I heard somebody from Black Flag was here tonight, this one's for you!" and, you know, that was a really good show and I remember I hurt my neck real bad, it was destroyed. and, (later) he walks up and we all immediately stand up and (Keith's) all like, "No, no, sit down." and we're like, "No, no dude." and he's like, "I'm Keith" and we're all just like, "Holy shit!" so, that was our first meeting and we hung out a little bit that night...
TE: Were you weirded out at all? Like, sitting there with a man who had so much to do with the music you grew up listening to?
MCR: It was so bad, I couldn't even talk to him, I was just like, "Uhhhh..."
TE: So, then what happened? Did you see him again?
MCR: Well, then we went to LA to make our record and one night we're at a convenience store buying cigarettes and Keith happened to be there.

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