What's Up Everyone?? (by Billy)

8. května 2007 v 11:12 | ELLík |  Billy Martin
Hey guys..thought I should post something on here, its been a while...Well, Australia was awesome, playing with Silverchair and winning an award! Not too bad..Now we are in Japan and finally on tour! We've been doing so much promo for the album, it's been 1 song on a TV show or interviews for a while now.

Finally we are starting to tour and play real concerts. Promo is good and all, I guess, but playing shows makes it all worth it. Looking forward to getting around the whole world to play you guys the new songs. A few more shows in Japan and then we will be bringing the show to the UK and Europe. It's always exciting to be playing new songs so these shows coming up will be great ones to see. Hope we see you all at a show soon. Thanks for your support!

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