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Exclusive Professional Photos of Good Charlotte

29. července 2007 v 19:17 █ GC

Exclusive Professional Photos of Good Charlotte >>>

Twinzz & fans

29. července 2007 v 19:09 █ GC
Twinzz 18/7/07 After The Club PXY Show in Rochester NY

HP od Billyho..

29. července 2007 v 18:55 Billy Martin

I'm sure you can tell by now that I like drawing characters after I see a movie I like. I saw Harry Potter the other night and it was as great as the rest of them. I think I'll read the last 2 books instead of watching the movies. I also wanted to try something new with this one so I colored it with Prismacolor markers. This was my first attempt at using them and they are really fun. I only had so many colors to choose from so some of the tones are a little off. It was meant to be quick and about trying out the new color technique. Hope you like it...

Návštěvnost (16.7.2007 - 22.7.2007)

29. července 2007 v 17:16 █ Návštěvnost
Navstevnost za minuly tyden (16.7.2007 - 22.7.2007) je:
Pondeli: 175
Utery: 185
Streda: 208
Ctvrtek: 226
Patek: 261
Sobota: 262
Nedele: 262

Celkem: 1579

New DCMA Collection

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DCMA 4 Horsemen Mens t-shirt DCMA Criminal Mens t-shirtDCMA Truth Mens t-shirtDCMA Phys-Ed Mens t-shirt

The Best Band In The World

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Anketa o nejlepší kapelu světa už skončila. A to s výsledkem :
I když 17. místo z 500 je fajn, zaslouží si lepší umístění !!!
1. Tokio Hotel 2. 30 Seconds To Mars 3. Mcfly 4. Westlife 5. The Rasmus 6. Backstreet Boys 7. Evanescence 8. My Chemical Romance 9. Avril Lavigne 10. HIM 11. L'Arc-en-Ciel 12. Dir En Grey 13. Placebo 14. Fall Out Boy 15. Keane 16. Simple Plan 17. Good Charlotte 18. Linkin Park

Joel a Nicole 11/6/06

29. července 2007 v 17:08 Joel Madden
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Díky gcstate

Joel´s jogging..

29. července 2007 v 17:06 Videa Good Charlotte
..ale trochu nekvalitní no :)

Do These People Think They're Cool?

29. července 2007 v 17:05 Joel Madden

I'll be honest with you -- I'm on vacation in the south of France and I'm not paying too much attention to the lives of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden right now (only to Penelope and Bono who made the front page of the newspaper here) ... didn't the bitch get 4 days in jail?
She deserves a life sentence for being so dumb! -- I mean, getting pregnant with a guy she just started dating? A guy who doesn't seem at all ready for fatherhood? Forget driving the wrong way do a freeway on-ramp ... girl is a pregnant anorexic/bulemic/whatever -- what the hell?!

And give the f*ck up on making everything in life a goddamn fashion show! The matching black outfits are ri-f*ucking-diculous! Get over yourselves, dumbasses!

Ta je vtipná !!

29. července 2007 v 17:02 Joel Madden
To answer your first question, no, that baby bump isn't real - we just happend to stumble over these old photos of Nicole wearing a pregnant suit on the set of The Simple Life. Still, they're probably a good preview for those of us who've been wondering what the diminutive diva's going to look like once she gets to her third trimester - well, hopefully without that cigarette!

Tat-Too Much

29. července 2007 v 17:01 Joel Madden
Presto Chango. Just days ago Joel Madden was your basic tattoo-covered, pop-punk rocker displaying his graphic attitude. But-Voila!-a totally different, more serious version of Madden can be found after the jump...
Joel joined Nicole Richie on Friday for a court appearance. The verdict? He CAN look conservative. But those tattoos will be a much better fit while visiting Nicole in jail.

Joel & Nicole..

29. července 2007 v 17:00 Joel Madden
Life may be about to get a lot tougher for troubled Nicole Richie. Battling addiction, facing possible jail time for DUI - and nearly four months pregnant - Nicole could soon be struggling to cope on her own, friends fear, following a vicious blowup by her boyfriend, Joel Madden.

The fiery-tempered rocker exploded in rage at Nicole during a tour stop in Maryland in July. As Joel unleashed a very public, very brutal tirade - including the F-word - Nicole just stood there in stunned, submissive silence, a source reports. Now, insiders are concerned that this may be just the tip of an angry iceberg that could sink their eight-month relationship, leaving Nicole adrift and frightened. "I don't see this lasting," a friend of the couple tells Star. "And Nicole couldn't handle being alone and a single mom. It would be too hard for her."

Joel na nákupu 25.7.07

29. července 2007 v 16:56 Joel Madden

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