Červenec 2007

A Paris, Nicole & Joel Sandwich

18. července 2007 v 10:25 Joel Madden
We haven't seen them together since Paris got sprung from the Lynwood lock-up, but last night the Simple Lifers reunited at the Chateau over dinner with Nicole's alleged inseminator, Joel Madden! Although she was there for dinner with her friends, we caught Paris (looking demure in a DVF dress) flirting with a new guy!
But Paris sped away from the Chateau alone (her driver practically ran over a photog in the process), while Joel hid his girlfriend in the back of her car! Is Nicole beginning to really show?

Joel na MS..

18. července 2007 v 10:23 Joel Madden
Its so great to be home in maryland. there really is no place like maryland in the summer. Hanging out on the water, eating crabs and shrimp, and just spending time with my friends and family. Think i will for stay a while. LA can wait.
Still smoke free.
I've NEVER heard of the boutiqe Petit Tresor. WE'VE NEVER been there,and NEVER bought anything from there. Because we dont comment on rumors, i guess some publiscists thought they could get some free much needed help and attention marketing thier store and shitty, cheesy products.
On a positive note its been 7 days since i quit smoking and im feeling great. having had one cigarette. i have had my moments, i get a little edgey, but i think the worst is over. anybody else quit yet?

Joel přestal kouřit ?

18. července 2007 v 10:22 Joel Madden
So I finally did it. I quit smoking. Not that any of you are interested in me smoking but i've been smoking for about 3 years now, and i've been talking about quiting for about 2. It wasnt really that hard when i realized how stupid smoking is, and how dagerous it really is. Also how many people it kills a year. or even a day. So i want to apologize to everyone who i've blown my second hand smoke around (that was wrong and inconciderate) and everyone i might have misled or been a bad example to with my deadly habit. I really am sorry and i hope any of you out there that smoke might consider quitting too. here is a link to some facts and stats about smoking. read up on it. i hope it scares you as much as it does me. i've smoked my last one!


If Nicole Richie isn't pregnant..

18. července 2007 v 10:14 Joel Madden
If Nicole Richie isn't pregnant, maybe she's just been shopping for a friend who is.

I just got word that The Simple Life starlet made another trip to celebrity baby boutique Petit Tresor in West Hollywood.

My source says she picked up two Born Out of Necessity diaper bags and a bunch of Kaloo toys, including a stuffed bear, a mobile and a play mat.

This is Richie's second known trip to the boutique in recent weeks. And just last week, I told you about a shopping spree she apparently had at its Brentwood location.

So now, I want to hear from you.

Neither Ms. Richie nor her rocker boyfriend Joel Madden have yet to comment on any of the pregnancy reports out there. Do you think it's time for them to confirm or deny? Leave your comments below.


Calgary, Stampede, 07/10/07

18. července 2007 v 10:11 █ GC

Benj a MXPX

18. července 2007 v 10:10 Benji Madden
Kapele MXPX vyšlo nové album Secret Weapon - a Benji jim vypomohl s jedním songem!!
STAHUJ (MYPX´s Myspace)

Dune Nightclub

18. července 2007 v 10:03 Benji Madden
lovegc.blog.cz :)

ESPY Pre-Party

18. července 2007 v 10:01 █ HD

Grabbing her morning coffee - July 7

18. července 2007 v 10:00 █ HD

Mikey ?

18. července 2007 v 9:59 █ My Chemical Romance
Po internetu koluje následující e-mail, údajně z Warneru:
Basák Mikey Way ještě letos odejde z My Chemical Romance.
V září, tedy po Projekt Revolution (na kterém Mikey hrát nebude), se bude konat tisková konference, na které bude zpráva ohlášena.
Mikey oficiálně opustí kapelu v prosinci. Náhradník zatím není znám.
Mikeymu přejeme jen to nejlepší, vrátí se na univerzitu, aby pokračoval ve vzdělávání.