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12. srpna 2007 v 15:18 |  Billy Martin
Hey everyone! Summer is here and I will be having Level 27 booth at select dates of Warped Tour, Bats Day @ Disneyland, & Horror Find Convention in Maryland. Also Billy will be doing a signing @ Comic Con Convention in San Diego. Make sure to stop by and say hello to me and buy some Level 27 merch. Take Care

July 29 Billy will be promoting his book, "Damious McDreary: A boy and his bat" at this year's San Diego Comic Con. He will be signing Sunday, July 29th at the Gentle Giant Studios Booth (booth 3513) at 2 pm. This is only a promotions event, the book wont be for sale until October. We will be giving away posters and flyers to promote the book but it wont be for sale yet.

Steve has also updated a few new pictures of Billy at the signing, so definately go and check those out too!

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1 TeReza TeReza | Web | 12. srpna 2007 v 22:20 | Reagovat

ty fotky z Comic Con sou super!! a já doufám,že až ta knížka vyjde,tak že bude k sehnání i tady!!!

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