Paul: Y'all are crazy down south!!

7. května 2008 v 15:13 |  Paul Thomas
Tady je vzkaz od Paula - nechce se mi tentokrát ani překládat, tak pardón..
We just played the Sun Fest in West Palm Beach, Florida and the Craw Fish Fest in Jackson Mississippi. Both of these shows were really good. I totally dig West Palm. It has a good vibe and the weather was nice when we were there. The show totally kicked ass.

One of the best ones in a while. The Crawfish jimmy jam was also a good show. I think that I have only been to Mississippi once before. Another place where I dig the vibe. With the people at least. The city kind of reminded me of Waldorf, Md where I grew up but with nicer people. As for the crawfish, no thank you. I have eaten that gross looking creature before but I have never picked one. That was the deal at the show. Buckets of these crawl fish laying out all day and people just cracking them open and sucking down the "juice". I'm not hating, I'm just telling it like it is. It was a little gross. At least we didn't get stormed on. So many people have been getting devastated by tornados over there and I just want to send out my condolences and best wishes for all of those families. Our heart goes out to all of you. Thanks again to the dirty south for the good ol' fashion hospitality. We'll be seeing you soon.
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1 TeReza TeReza | Web | 9. května 2008 v 19:04 | Reagovat

ouha takový dlouhý:D se ti ani nedivim, se nám nějak rozepsal:D

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