Benji: Thanx Fam!!

27. června 2008 v 9:36 |  Benji Madden
Hey guys i just had throw this up!! X-I-Luv-GC-X had it on their blog comment and I LIKE IT:) Had a good band practice today, going over the set list and planning the show out. I love hangin with the boys. It is always just a good time. It is gonna be a great tour. I am really looking forward to seeing the other bands play too. It's cool seeing these young bands come up and do so well. Just wanted to jump on and say hi, coming home and reading you guys comments really makes my day. I don't read the bullshit that people write out there but it's bound to get to me sooner or later and having you guys behind me makes it easy to ignore and stay positive. You guys are a the shit!! We are really trying to put together a cool show for you and make sure we cover all 4 Albums. Maybe even do a new cover song. Hope we get to see a lot of you guys at the shows. I will take more pics tomorrow and have them up by the weekend. Hope you guys had a good day today too. Goin to bed early tonight, gotta get up early tomorrow. You guys take care.........xobenj

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1 Miniska Miniska | 27. června 2008 v 13:35 | Reagovat

Já neumím anglicky :-(

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