Paul: Agony and Irony!

15. června 2008 v 18:08 |  Paul Thomas
So this past weekend I went to the Live 105 Show with Cypress Hill, Pennywise and one of my favorite bands Alkaline Trio. Live 105 is the main alternative rock station here in the Bay Area. When I found out who was on the bill, I had to go. I caught up with Matt, Dan and Derek of The Trio and they told me that they are stoked on their new album. They did this album with Josh Abraham which is a nice switch for them.

Abraham has done many huge albums and worked with bands like Linkin Park, Staind, Courntey Love, and Slayer. So being the super fan I am of the Trio I asked and begged for a copy of the new cd because I CAN'T WAIT!! They obliged and gave me a copy. Man Oh Man is it good. My favorite songs at the moment are tracks # 1,3,9. I didn't get the track names so that's all I can say about it. I will know the song titles when I buy the album on July 1. Agony and Irony is what it is called. Check it out.

I hung out with Derek and we reminisced about the time he came out on tour and saved our butts. We were in the middle of a tour in Europe and we needed a drummer because our current one couldn't work. Derek flew out as soon as he could and was playing all the GC songs on stage with us the next day. It was very cool getting to play with the drummer that plays in one of my favorite bands. After the trip down memory lane in the back lounge of their tour bus, I went to the front and met Fletcher from Pennywise for the first time. He had his finger dipped in his cocktail and then he shook my hand. I didn't know what it all meant but I liked it! Maybe he was stirring his drink or maybe he was doing some old school punk initiation thing. I like to think it is was the latter option but I'm probably wrong.

All in all it was a good time. Flogging Molly was there too and so was DJ Steve Aoki Kid Millionaire. Man I have never seen a DJ set like that. That guy is a rock star up there on stage. The crowd was going off for him. If he comes rolling through your town, you should check it out.

Paul (Bass Man 5000)
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