Paul: Myspace Impact Awards

18. října 2008 v 10:15 |  Paul Thomas
Hello GC family I hope everyone is well. I need your help with something. A very good friend of mine sent me this email.
"Hello, can you read below and help me pass the word? If you don't use myspace could you send it to people who are on it alot?

It is for breast cancer awareness etc., all you have to do is vote and/or send other people to vote. The woman who runs "feel your boobies", breast cancer awareness org., is a close friend of mine (and breast cancer survivor like my mom), and if her org wins this contest then they get free advertising etc.

WE ARE BEGGING YOU TO RALLY YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO DO THE SAME. FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW If you or they don't have myspace accounts, it takes 1 minute to create one for this purpose. You don't need to create a profile, just provide a name, email address and city and state, that's it! Then go to

or go to Myspace Home Page to Login or Sign up First"

This is a subject that hits close to home with a lot of people. I personally know several women who have suffered from this terrible cancer. I have also learned how fatal it can be having lost a friend to it. So go to and vote for feel your boobies.

Hopefully someday there will be a cure. Maybe with your help it could happen. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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1 TeReza TeReza | Web | 18. října 2008 v 17:58 | Reagovat

jj sem tam hlásla:)

a já nevěděla,že jeho mamka měla rakovinu.... ale naštěstí přežila:)

2 Freak Show ///SB/// Freak Show ///SB/// | Web | 19. října 2008 v 17:47 | Reagovat

Kdyby se mi to tak chtělo překládat... Sem kůže líná:D

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