Billy: Level 27/Vault 28 Aftermath

18. listopadu 2008 v 6:56 |  Billy Martin
Thanks everyone who made it out the event last night. The turnout was great, we couldn't have been happier! I know the fires in the area prevented a number from you from coming, but safety is more important. All the clothes are still there and still for sale. The 5 items we are selling can be only be purchased at Vault 28 as of now. So head down and get them while they last. I pre-signed a bunch of autograph cards for anyone who wasn't able to make it and goes by this week. There are still a limited number of prints of 2 of my paintings for sale as well.
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1 NiKkushKa NiKkushKa | Web | 18. listopadu 2008 v 14:54 | Reagovat

joj uz neh sa poriadne naucim tu anglinu neh aj daco rozumiem:D

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