Benji: Earth to Benj.... (new MP3 download)

26. února 2009 v 19:25 |  Benji Madden
Benji to napsal opravdu krásně, doufám proto, že většině porozumíte, protože se mi to nechce překládat. A ta mp3 je fakt pěkná! Pozn.: Originál písně zde.

Now before you yell at me, I just want to say sorry for staying away. I know it has been a long time. Listen guys, I had a l
ot of cleaning up to do in my life and a lot reflecting, music to write, the list goes on, not to mention I am not very good with computers and I had to call up the computer dude at our managers office and get him to walk me thru how to do this again.
With that said here I am. Back. Thank you guys for welcoming me with open arms. I have so much to tell you, the GC family is so lucky these days, I have new little nephew named Dreavyn, Paul got married, and I'm going to be an uncle again. I am Happier then I have every been. Also because I have fallen in Love with music all over again over these last few months.
I took a life changing trip to central africa in November, I really have a lot to share with you guys. I decided as we make this record I might just record some acoustic versions of other songs that I really love.
I did one the other day i thought i might let you guys hear. It's a Beck song called "lost cause" frim his record "sea change". If anyone can f*@k up a Beck song its me, so I'm not sure if i would call this a reward for being so patient with me or punishment:) anyways I hope you find something nice about it. i did this in my friends living room, feel free to rip it and share it with your friends anyways hope you guys are doing great, I would like to start sharing more music with you as we make our way with this album, i was thinking maybe some of our old demos that never made it out or just stuff i might think you will like. Hope you guys are all doing great and I really can't wait to get record 5 to you. Me and the boys are actually getting together tomorrow just to play and hang out. Hope everybody is doing well and are as happy as I am now. Thanx for reppin" always, love you guys.....xobenj

Lost Cause Cover Download

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1 Anett Anett | 26. února 2009 v 20:06 | Reagovat

Je to opravdu krásně napsaný <3...a ta mp3 je nadherná...strašně se mi ten cover líbí <3 <3 <3 ..taky jsem si ho hned stáhla =)

2 džanice džanice | 27. února 2009 v 8:28 | Reagovat

To je krásná písničkaaaa.. i v origoši je to hezký. A Benjik má tak hezkej hlas. To mi asi te'D bude zpívat každej večer před spaním..hihi

3 pawvlinka.bart pawvlinka.bart | 27. února 2009 v 20:16 | Reagovat

krasna pisnicka....uauauuauauauauauauauauauua

4 TeReza TeReza | Web | 28. února 2009 v 23:10 | Reagovat

jo přesně, tyhle jeho blogy mě vždycky potěšej:):D má na to psaní docela talent:D ten cover se mi taky líbí:) doufám, že neni jeho poslední a bude v tom fakt pokračovat.. a ty dema, to taky neni špatnej nápad:D ráda bych si nějaký poslechla:)

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