Billy: Thumb Angels

9. července 2009 v 9:07 |  Billy Martin
I'm trying something new out here..looking for some input from you guys. I'm working on a painting for a gallery show next month. I'm doing the angel of death and I'm conflicted on the color scheme. I scanned my sketch in and threw some quick digital colors on it with 2 versions. I made it tiny so I dont give away the pic too much until it's done.
Traditionally the Angel of Death is black with black wings, pretty much the grim reaper. I thought it might be cool to make him all white and more like a colorless corpse with pale skin and all color drained from him, but he would ride a dark black horse. In theory it sounds cool but I'm not sure if he in black and his horse white just comes across stronger on paper.
Take a look at these and give me your opinion..thanks!
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