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26. srpna 2009 v 8:17 | pawvlinka.bart |  Benji Madden
Hey Everybody,
The day is finally here...Today we started tracking Caridology!
This is a day we have been waiting for for a long time. We have spent the last year writing and writing, throwing away, changing, re-writing and writing so more. We have a collection of songs o record now that I really believe are the best we have ever written. I love every lyric and every melody. I'm really excited to share them with you guys. Joel and I really have been digging deep on the lyrics, they are really the most personally songs and the most close to my heart then any GC song in years. So while we are all here working i thought i would start putting up more songs for you to check out. I want to try and do a new cover song every week and just show you guys some songs that i dig that make me want to write songs and just keep me inspired. I also thought it would be cool to share some old demos with you like i have done in the past. May be even share some lyrics from some songs we are doing for this record.
So this one is a cover i did of "Always Love" by Nada Surf. I think
this band is great, and this song is one of my favorites of theirs.
It's from their 2005 record "The weight is a Gift" hopefully I didn't
mess it up too bad, and well if I did, just turn it off:) hah, ok well
hope some of you enjoy....looking forward to giving you more
soon...wish you guys could be here checkin Deano rip these drum

Za možnost stažení děkuji gcstate.com
Maybe I will leave you with a lyric today too..."She liked me better when I different, No one knew me then, back in Maryland"
Hope all you guys are doing good! talk to you soon......xobenj
p.s. follow me on twitter, I'm a maniac, @benjaminmadden

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1 TeReza TeReza | Web | 26. srpna 2009 v 20:06 | Reagovat

jupí, skvělá zpráva :-) musim říct, že se na to album po přečtení tohohle vzkazu těšim ještě víc :D a ta písnička zní krásně.. sice teda neznám originál, ale Benjiho podání se mi líbí :-)

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