Srpen 2010

This Is War

17. srpna 2010 v 15:34 | MatuSka |  Texty 30 seconds to Mars
A warning to the people
The good and the evil
This is war

Fanda zpívá s Billiem Longview, dá mu i hubana:)

17. srpna 2010 v 10:47 | Elllik |  Videa Green Day
Sedmnáctiletý fanoušek Green Day měl tu možnost zazpívat si s nimi na pódiu. Zpívat před 80 tisíci diváky s Billiem bylo prý ohromné.

Blackberry Torch Launch 11. 8. 2010

17. srpna 2010 v 10:37 | Ellik |  Joel Madden
Více fotek zde.

Joel s Nicole na nákupech 15. 8. 2010

17. srpna 2010 v 10:35 | Ellik |  Joel Madden
Více fotek zde.

Counting the days - NOVÝ SONG Z CARDIOLOGY

17. srpna 2010 v 10:24 | Ellik |  Videa Good Charlotte
Moc se jim to povedlo...snad už to Cardiology brzo vyjde!! <3
Když tu Matuska není, tak sem kdyžtak občas něco hodím, tak jako za starých časů:) Ellik

GCFAM! Guys! We can't believe u Got "Like it's her birthday" to over
100k views in just a week. Like i told u a new song from "Cardiology"
might surface if u did! Well this is "Counting the days" this is a song
that really reminded us of records like GC self titled and Y&H, and
is still coming from a sincere place as writers. It's hard to
figure out how to revisit your past musically and still stay inspired,
and this song came along effortlessly and just felt right. SO hope you
guys dig it. This is one we CAN'T WAIT to play LIVE
(and we will have NEW TOUR ANNOUNCEMENTS SOON!).

Once again guys, the feeling right now around this record is just so
good. It's everything we could ask for. It's no secret our band was
built on the fans. We have always been a peoples band and i hope we can
find a way to show you how much it means to us, every encouraging word
we get from all of you, every @reply, everything. Hopefully you will
feel it in these songs. The next few years are gonna be a blast and we
couldn't ask for a better FAMILY to share it with then the GCFAM.

Always sendin you guys good thoughts! thanx again for REPPIN'!!!

See you soon!!!

Counting the days....


A Call to Arms

16. srpna 2010 v 15:31 | MatuSka |  Texty 30 seconds to Mars
This is a call to arms, gather soldiers
Time to go to war
This is a battle song, brothers and sisters
Time to go to war

Joel a Benji→Rozhovor

15. srpna 2010 v 14:15 | MatuSka |  █ GC

Už je to nejaký ten čas, čo vyšlo vaša posledný album. Čo ste robili celú tú dobu?

Search & Destroy

15. srpna 2010 v 13:30 | MatuSka |  Texty 30 seconds to Mars
Grab your gun
Talk about a hell
I'm no hero
Guilty as charged