Září 2010

Burn It Down

18. září 2010 v 14:42 | MatuSka |  Texty AS
Jealousy's an ugly word, but you don't seem to care
Converse behind my back, but now I'm here
Need no one to comply with me though everyone that I defeat
Don't need you, fuck camaraderie, this rage will never go away

Chelsea Lately: Jared Leto

18. září 2010 v 11:15 | MatuSka |  █ 30 STM
Je tam totálne dokonalý :-D

Blinded In Chains

17. září 2010 v 18:41 | MatuSka |  Texty AS
And we're at it again, I turn around another fucking war, man
I don't know where to begin, but I'll start with the radical leaders
Their steps we're followin'

Deluxe Edition Of This Is War To Be Released November 2nd

16. září 2010 v 21:23 | MatuSka |  █ 30 STM
This Is War Deluxe Edition Tracklisting CD
1. Escape
2. Night of the Hunter
3. Kings and Queens
4. This is War
5. 100 Suns
6. Hurricane
7. Closer to the Edge
8. Vox Populi
9. Search and Destroy
10. Alibi
11. Strnager in a Strange Land
12. L490

Bonus Audio Content on CD:

Hurricane Featuring Kanye
Bad Romance Live BBC version
Stronger Live BBC Version
Closer To The Edge
Kings & Queens
Making of Kings and Queens
Into the Wild EPK
Behind the Summit
War is Coming spots
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