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Billy Talent Update

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Sum 41 Performs "Skumf**k"

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So Ive been around for a while in the music world. I must say that after all these years I have seen many bands come and go! ALOT OF BANDS COME AND GO! from being the band of the year to the band of the month! 85% of them are no longer together or have started other bands that wont be around a few months from now. BUT after all these years a hand full have stayed around and still pushing strong! one of them being GOOD CHARLOTTE! With 5 albums and about 11 million records later the boys from GOOD CHARLOTTE are still going strong!. America might be a bit behind on music these days but worldwide this band is selling out ARENA'S!!! pretty fucking cool if you ask me!. With music being at its lowest EVER! "because of the great music that some people listen to these days" The boys from GOOD CHARLOTTE still find a way to be creative and bring out great music! whatever kind of music you wanna call it, From pop punk! to punk rock to just plain POP they are sitting high up on the thrown for that kind of music.

I took a few photos of the guys the last 2 days at their shows in southern california. check em out!.
Mr Mikey Way and Benj

iPunk: Vyměnění Paramore zavítají na letošní Rock for People

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Kolem americké, dnes už opět, pětice Paramore se toho v posledních měsících namluvilo možná až příliš. Důvodem však nebyla nová deska, turné ani videoklip, ovšem odchod dvou základních kamenů a zakládajících členů - Farrovic bratrské dvojice, která nesouhlasila se.. dále >>