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18. července 2007 v 10:32
Hey everyone...I will be promoting my book, "Damious McDreary: A boy and his bat" at this year's San Diego Comic Con. I will be signing Sunday, July 29th at the Gentle Giant Studios Booth. We are hoping to have posters and other promo items for the book as well. I'll post times as soon as I know them. I'll see some of you there...


Billyho new pic 2

18. července 2007 v 10:06

Billyho new pic 1

18. července 2007 v 10:06

Billyho X-Men

1. července 2007 v 19:43

Harry Potter Video Game Release Party - pokrač.

24. června 2007 v 18:51 | ELLík

Harry Potter Video Game Release Party (2oo7-06-21)

22. června 2007 v 20:50 | ELLík
Billy na jedný akcičce - a moc mu to tam sluší -> HERE


15. června 2007 v 15:21 | ELLík
Tak dneska 15.6. je Billymu krásných 26 let. Takže mu přeju všechno NEJLEPŠÍÍÍ !!! <3

New Art

10. června 2007 v 19:58 | ELLík

Zpráva z bloodzilly..

10. června 2007 v 19:57 | ELLík
Posted 2007.06.09 by Billy Martin
Here are three quick head shots I did today of Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn from "The Lord of the Rings". I love redesigning characters, I had a lot of fun with the "Heroes" drawing so I thought I'd try something else. Hope you like them....

Heroes by Billy

30. května 2007 v 18:56 | ELLík
Hereos, the best show on TV! I'm bummed the season is over and I have to wait FOREVER for it to start again. I thought I'd do a drawing of some of the characters in the meantime. I might do another round of characters as well, it was really fun. Hope you like it....

Billy v Dublinu ;)

30. května 2007 v 14:35 | ELLík
Ambassador theatre

Billy´s art :)

22. května 2007 v 19:19 | ELLík
..zase nějaká příšerka, ale moc povedená..

Billy & fan

22. května 2007 v 15:07 | ELLík

Message by Billy..

20. května 2007 v 18:33 | ELLík
Relax guys...of course we are doing a US tour, we are still putting together all the details and we will let you all know as soon as we can. Thanks to the UK fans for making the last few shows so awesome, its about time we saw some mosh pits like that again!

Billy & Linzi..

20. května 2007 v 18:12 | ELLík
Zpráva od Billyho : here's a picture taken by a friend named Kevin Carroll of me and Linzi, my beautiful fiance. I don't often open up about my private life/relationship because it's very special and sacred to me. However, we both loved this picture and though it would be cool to share it with you guys. Hope you like it as much as we do. If you want to see more of Kevin's work check out the link the below.