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20. května 2007 v 18:33 | ELLík
Yo Yo
Wuz up gang. The Shows have been bad ass!! So thanks for coming and having a good time with us. I just started up a myspace page so please fell free to check it out. I'm not super savvy with myspace so I couldn't get an easier name. Hope everyone is well and I love all of you. We'll see ya soon.

Paulovo MySpace..

20. května 2007 v 18:14 | ELLík
Tak už i Paul má svoje MySpace, takže kdo má MS taky, tak si ho určitě dejte do přátel.. CLICK

Paul & fan - Brusel :)

16. května 2007 v 19:51 | ELLík

Paul ve Philadelphii

13. května 2007 v 23:59 | ELLík

Good times by Paul :)

2. května 2007 v 16:09 | ELLík


So we did the Australia Video Music Awards the other night and it was a good time. We got to rock Keep Your Hands Off My Girl and then later won the viewers choice award for the video. It was indeed a good night. After the very long award show it was time for the after parties. It was awesome. I got to party like a rockstar with Silverchair and Billy Talent. Two bands that I like a lot. They were really nice guys and we had a great time. I love both of their new albums "Billy Talent II" and Silverchair's "Young Modern". I recommend you check them out.

Hey Paule ?? ;D

25. března 2007 v 14:17 | ELLík
To je teda xicht !!

Zpráva od Paula..

23. března 2007 v 6:19 | ELLík
Hey everybody. Hope you guys like the new site. I'm really excited because I think it gives us a chance to interact with you guys and you know that it is really us and not some phony poser pretending to be one of us. So with that said let's mingle people!!
We are no longer taking our rest. We are back in action with full force. I think I speak for all of us when I say that "I Friggin' Love This Album!!!" I hope you guys feel the same. There is a whole new
kind of energy going on in our music. You gotta come see us play it live. I've never had so much fun playing GC songs. I still love all of the old songs but these new ones are on a whole new level. You gotta come see it to believe it.
Anyways just wanted to shoot out my first blog on our new website. Hope everyone out there is happy in their lives and not afraid to dance, scream and love. Live it to the fullest my friends because it's all we got. Take care and I hope to see you guys at some of the shows. Live Rock and Prosper!!
(na jejich stránce můžete i hlasovat, jak se vám líbí new vzhled jejich ofociálky HERE )

New ikonky Paula

29. prosince 2006 v 9:30 | ELLík

Wall Paula

14. prosince 2006 v 18:36 | ELLík

Obrázky Paula..

25. listopadu 2006 v 17:16 | ELLík
Benji, "někdo" a Paul..

něco o Paulovi..

28. března 2006 v 20:33
Datum narození: 5.10. 1980
Místo narození:Waldorf/Maryland
Barva vlasů: Blond
Barva očí: hnědá
Oblíbené jídlo: Italská kuchyně
Oblíbená restaurace: The Palm
Oblíbená TV show: The Simpsons
Superhrdina: Mighty mouse (myslim že to je ten z Chip a Dale)
věci co Paul miluje: rodinu, postel, čtení Shakespeare a jeho zvířata
co nemusí : mokro, stesk po domově, profesora matematiky na VŠ,
Hobbies: hraní videoher, rodina, čtení, psaní poezie, chození do kina