Texty AS

A Little Piece Of Heaven

25. října 2010 v 14:51 | MatuSka
Before the story begins, is it such a sin,
for me to take what's mine, until the end of time
We were more than friends, before the story ends,
And I will take what's mine, create what
God would never design

Second Heartbeat

13. října 2010 v 18:30 | MatuSka
We keep writing, talking and planning, but everything's changing.
We all know what to do but know one does it.
Now this time has passed and full of regret.
Two in my heart have left me a while, I stand alone.
When they get back, it won't be the same.
My life, you've always been there.

Bat Country

10. října 2010 v 17:40 | MatuSka
He who makes a beast out of himself
Gets rid of the pain of being a man

Caught here in a fiery blaze, won't lose my will to stay.


27. září 2010 v 17:50 | MatuSka
Centuries pass and still the same
War in our blood, some things never change
Fighting for land and personal gain
better your life, justify our pain
The end is knocking
The end is knocking

Brompton Cocktail

26. září 2010 v 19:49 | MatuSka
(Out of time...)
Doc, I'm dying, I'm feeling compromised (feeling compromised)
and so dehumanized (and so dehumanized)
I lost my final fight to disease, I feel that this is where it ends
I need that shot to enter my vein
My Brompton Cocktail blend

Unbound (The Wild Ride)

25. září 2010 v 16:49 | MatuSka
Somewhere life is good, and things go as they should
it's hard to find, but that's alright yeah
Searching for the way, push harder everyday
It's deep inside, that shining light yeah
But I'm scarred, by barriers placed in my path
I'm scathed


24. září 2010 v 15:48 | MatuSka
Yeah, you've been alone
I've been gone for far too long
But with all that we've been through
After all this time I'm coming home to you


23. září 2010 v 14:47 | MatuSka
Like walking into a dream, so unlike what you've seen
so unsure but it seems, 'cause we've been waiting for you
Fallen into this place, just giving you a small taste
of your afterlife here so stay, you'll be back here soon anyway


22. září 2010 v 18:46 | MatuSka
Caught up in this madness too blind to see
Woke animal feelings in me
Took over my sense and I lost control
I'll taste your blood tonight

Almost Easy

21. září 2010 v 20:45 | MatuSka
I feel insane every single time
I'm asked to compromise
Cause I'm afraid, I'm stuck in my ways
And that's the way you stay-ay-ay
So how long did I expect love to out weigh ignorance
Now that look on your face may force the scale to tip

Critical Acclaim

20. září 2010 v 17:45 | MatuSka
Be quiet, you might piss somebody off
Like me motherfucker, you've been at it for too long
While you feed off all this insecurity
You stand in front of me and bite the hand that feeds

Beast And The Harlot

19. září 2010 v 15:43 | MatuSka
This shining city built of gold, a far cry from innocence
There's more than meets the eye round here look to the waters of the deep.
A city of evil
There sat a seven-headed beast, ten horns raised from his head
Symbolic woman sits on his thrown but hatred strips her and leaves her naked.
The Beast and the Harlot.

Burn It Down

18. září 2010 v 14:42 | MatuSka
Jealousy's an ugly word, but you don't seem to care
Converse behind my back, but now I'm here
Need no one to comply with me though everyone that I defeat
Don't need you, fuck camaraderie, this rage will never go away

Blinded In Chains

17. září 2010 v 18:41 | MatuSka
And we're at it again, I turn around another fucking war, man
I don't know where to begin, but I'll start with the radical leaders
Their steps we're followin'

Trashed And Scattered

15. září 2010 v 17:40 | MatuSka
Keep on writing you're just raping yourself (nothing can take my mind away from them)
Don't you ask about me, ask 'bout somebody else (Once I've fallen there's many stories to tell)
I can feel it, won't embrace it, it's overwhelming how far you take it (Stuck in a state of questioning)
And don't you tell me you know we're destined, you won't convince me, I won't listen (Resentment building, you've put our lives on hold)