Texty Billy Talent

Sudden Movements

30. srpna 2010 v 15:47 | MatuSka
Well I'm scared of my reflection
Is it mine or is it yours?
And I swear I hear the knockin'
But there's no one at the door.

Turn Your Back

29. srpna 2010 v 10:46 | MatuSka
And when the clock strikes 12, tell me where you gonna be?
Cleaning up the mess we've made or watching your TV?
And if you have to ask, then you don't have a clue,
There's snow in Arizona while they're bombing in Beirut!

The Dead Can't Testify

28. srpna 2010 v 13:45 | MatuSka
Let the rain fall down, let it fall to the ground,
Let the rain fall down to the ground.
And the birds don't sing, no they don't make a sound,
When you're six feet underground.

Diamond On A Landmine

27. srpna 2010 v 18:45 | MatuSka

Pocketful Of Dreams

26. srpna 2010 v 10:44 | MatuSka
Vanities are only charity
And she makes donations at the Tiffany's,
Life is hard without a credit card to get by, get by
She sold her dreams for security
To a man that now she hardly ever sees
With a cold martini in her hand, she don't mind, don't mind

White Sparrows

25. srpna 2010 v 14:43 | MatuSka
Today I walked down our old street
Past the diner where we'd meet
Now I dine alone in our old seats
The cold wind blows right through my bones
And I feel like I'm getting old

Definition Of Destiny

24. srpna 2010 v 19:48 | MatuSka
Won't you stop, take a breath
Find a moment to reflect
On the pure and simple choices that we fail to see

Tears Into Wine

24. srpna 2010 v 10:42 | MatuSka
The gun is loaded when the glass is full
Down the hatch and the trigger's pulled
Off the wagon and back onto the stool
I know that when I stare into your eyes
I can see all the years of lies
Ghosts and demons you never exorcised

Rusted From The Rain

23. srpna 2010 v 16:41 | MatuSka
I stumble through the wreckage, rusted from the rain
There's nothing left to salvage, no one left to blame
Among the broken mirrors, I don't look the same
I'm rusted from the rain, I'm rusted from the rain

Saint Veronika

23. srpna 2010 v 11:42 | MatuSka
They found an empty bottle on her windowsill
The day her mother lost her sleeping pills
She was sick and tired of being invisible
Hard to see in color when you're miserable

Devil On My Shoulder

22. srpna 2010 v 13:40 | MatuSka
As I get closer
my dreams get farther
I climb that ladder
but you kick it over
As we throw water
you give me vinegar
When I drink your medicine
it just makes me sicker

Surrender - text

22. května 2007 v 16:16 | ELLík
She reads a book from across the street,
Waiting for someone that she´ll never meet.
Talk over coffee for an hour or two,
She wonders why I´m always in a good mood.

Voices Of Violence

9. května 2007 v 0:17 | ELLík

Voices Of Violence

River Below

9. května 2007 v 0:17 | ELLík

River Below

Cut The Curtains

9. května 2007 v 0:16 | ELLík

Cut The Curtains